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In today’s technology-driven world, businesses in virtually every industry need a good business electricity plan as the perfect balance of power consumption and income generation is essential for success. However, it’s no surprise that business electricity plans are often overlooked as there are a number of other factors to take into account when running a company.

More than just another monthly expense, business electricity prices should be one of your top priorities. Make it Cheaper understands the importance of sourcing reliable power, and as such, we are here to help you get what you truly deserve. By taking advantage of our business energy comparison service, you’ll essentially save money, time, and effort you could be using for other pursuits. 

Don’t just settle with your current setup – there’s always room for improvement with Make it Cheaper. Allow us to provide you with a business electricity plan comparison and guide you so you can get the bestmost competitive deal possible.

How to save money on your business electricity plan? 

You can save on your business energy plan by shopping around for a better deal, negotiating a better rate with your current provider, or using energy-saving measures to reduce your consumption. However, doing all this could be a daunting task if you have never taken a look at your power bills and analysed which parts are responsible for the bulk of the cost. Not to mention how difficult it would be to make a business electricity plan comparison and search for viable options on your own. 

Make it Cheaper can help you with that – we take away all the hassle and stress associated with securing competitive electricity for businesses. Whether you’re interested in business electricity rates Victoria or business electricity rates NSW, our service will surely hook you up with a leading retailer you can rely on. 

Our unique process starts with us thoroughly reviewing your business electricity plan for free. Doing this will allow us to show you the electrical requirements you need and what factors should be focused on. Then, once we’ve presented and explained all the data to you, we’ll give you some recommendations along with the reference price or business electricity quote of compatible retailers. 

One of the best parts about our services is that the business energy review for SMEs only takes a couple of minutes, plus there’s no obligation to make an immediate decision. Simply supply us with your contact details, take some time to make a business electricity plan comparison with our recommendations, and then reach out to one of our local Energy Experts if you want to push through with a deal. 

When you finalise everything with us, we’ll even do all the legwork for you on the spot if you are not locked in to a contract. Our team also handles expiring business energy plans, making it so you’ll have a smooth transition from your previous retailer to one of our dependable partners. 

Try out our premium service today and see what we can do for you! 

What is the difference between fixed and variable energy plans? 

When it comes to making a business electricity plan comparison, you should factor in the two main types of plans: fixed and variable. 

The difference between the two is simple: a fixed business energy plan lets you pay consistently priced fees for the entirety of the contract while a variable business energy plan has prices that often fluctuate upwards or downwards depending on external conditions. 

Understanding business electricity rates based on these plans will give you the freedom to choose which setup you’re more comfortable utilising. With Make it Cheaper, you can rest assured that you won’t have to be limited to just one type of business electricity plan. We have a wide variety of options from trusted partners such as Shell Energy, Tango Energy, EnergyAustralia, and many more. 

In fact, if you’re a larger business, you will still receive continuous support from our Energy Brokers after you’ve decided on a business electricity plan as we offer a bill validation service. This way, you can be sure that you are only paying for the electricity that you have used. In addition, should you encounter any problems with your energy supply, you can rely on our brokers to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently.

Is a fixed electricity plan better for businesses?

When making a business electricity plan comparison between fixed and variable offers, you must keep in mind that what might work well for other enterprises might not work in the same way for you. Ultimately, both have their pros and cons, so it’s just a matter of choosing which type of business electricity rate better fits your specific situation. 

For instance, you should consider a fixed electricity plan if you like the security of paying the same amount of money per kilowatt-hour (kWh). On the other hand, if you would rather pay a dynamic fee (sometimes lower, sometimes higher) depending on updated market prices, then you should have your eyes set on a variable electricity plan. 

Have more questions about our business energy providers or business energy processes? Just reach out to us via 1300 957 721 or [email protected] and let our dedicated team handle all your concerns. 

Worry less about large or small business electricity prices – allow Make it Cheaper to help you compare and save on your business electricity bills! 

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