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Finding the most competitive business electric rates has become key to reducing operational costs for many small businesses. It’s no secret that everyone wants to optimise the power they expend, but that could be a difficult endeavour if you know little about business energy in the first place. Not to mention how overwhelming it could be when you sift through all the offers and compare business energy plans one by one. 

Wouldn’t you want a way to do all of that in a hassle-free manner? Make it Cheaper can help you in this endeavour. We are a company that is dedicated to finding you cheaper electricity for business – connecting you with one of our many leading partner retailers in Australia. Our team of local Energy Experts understands the complexities of the industry and is here to help you choose from business electricity plans you can trust and save you time and money in the process. 

What are tariffs, and how does it affect my business electric rates? 

Tariffs are the amounts charged by your business electricity provider according to your contract. There are two types of tariffs: fixed and variable. To better understand the breakdown of your power bill, you’ll have to take note of the differences between the two. 

Fixed tariff 

Also known as ‘service to property charge’ or ‘ daily supply charge’, the fixed tariff is not based on how much energy you use. Rather, it appears as a set cost for a certain period. If you signed for a fixed tariff, your business electricity rates will remain unchanged for the duration of your contract.

Variable tariff

Also referred to as the ‘consumption charge’, the variable tariff fluctuates based on the amount of electricity your business uses. Instead of having a fixed charge within a certain period, this tariff is calculated by measuring the electricity units you’ve used. This is listed on your electricity bill as cents per kilowatt-hour (c/kWh).

These two types of tariffs are found in business electricity plans. For a customised list of electricity companies that provide competitively priced tariffs, reach out to us at Make it Cheaper. We’ll analyse your current power bill, reference your National Metre Identifier (NMI) number, and then recommend reliable retailers for a stress-free business energy comparison. 

What fees and charges should I be aware of before signing a business energy contract? 

Business electric rates also include other fees and charges that may not be immediately apparent when you compare business electricity prices. Before signing a contract, make sure you consider factors like the transaction fee, setup fee, cancellation fee, and overdue payment fee. 

  • Transaction fee. This is the charge that may be implemented when you pay through certain credit card options. 
  • Setup fee. This is the charge related to establishing the energy contract and subsequent plan. 
  • Cancellation fee. This is the charge that may be incurred should the contract be terminated before the scheduled expiration date. 
  • Overdue payment fee. This is the charge you may incur if you fail to pay your large or small business electricity rates on time.

To ensure that you pick from some of the top business electricity providers in the country, take advantage of the services at Make it Cheaper. We’ll give you 100% transparent quotes from our partners so you’ll know exactly what to expect. As a matter of fact, when you’ve finally decided on a business electricity plan, you can just sit back and relax as our team will handle the switch for you. 

Can I have different suppliers for my business gas and electricity plans?

The common misconception is that dual fuel business energy plans are always cheaper than separate plans that are manually fit together. However, the truth is that not only can you get different suppliers for business gas and electricity plans, but the total cost might actually even be more affordable than those that are bundled. 

With Make it Cheaper, you won’t be limited to just one supplier. We have many partners with business electricy rates that will definitely fit your specific requirements. From eco-friendly options all the way to economical night-time options – Make it Cheaper will allow you to effortlessly make a commercial gas and electricity price comparison. 


With us, you’ll get full control as to which companies you would like to source energy from. After our quick yet comprehensive review of your enterprise’s power consumption, you won’t even be obliged to sign up. Feel free to take as much time as you need and simply contact us again if you would like to proceed with any of our offers.Don’t just be content with what you currently have. Switch to a better and more cost-effective business electricity plan with the help of Make it Cheaper.

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