Advances in technology have changed every aspect of our lives over the last couple of decades, from the way we shop, bank and do business, to how we meet new people, order food and interact with the world around us. The energy industry has also evolved, with the biggest change being the move to more renewable generation of energy, says Fred van der Tang, CEO of energy comparison site Make It Cheaper. 

“We’re seeing more and more renewable sources of energy coming into the grid, including big solar farms and hydro energy generation,” van der Tang says. 

“It’s been somewhat of a slow uptake in Australia and a slow political update, but customers have embraced the evolution of technology, with 30% of Australian homes now having a solar panel on their roof… the appetite for renewable energy is only growing.”

Solar panels are better and more efficient now than they were when they first launched into the Australian consumer market in the early 2000s, with energy users getting “a better bang for your buck and bigger return on your investment” nowadays.

Big opportunity for business savings

The big opportunity lies for businesses, where the uptake of solar has been slower and the potential to save both energy and money is immense. 

“For business, the rate [of install of solar] is about 10%, so we have a little way to go. But the introduction of things like smart meters means it’s possible to get more information about your energy usage, so you can tailor your usage to be more efficient.”

van der Tang says this could include things like restaurants setting up timers to turn their fridges or freezers off for certain periods, or offices ensuring that all fans, air-conditioning and lights are switched off when rooms are not in use.  

With rising energy prices creating a ticking time bomb for Australian businesses, another big opportunity to reduce your energy bills is by comparing your current plan to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal for your needs.

“At Make it Cheaper, we allow businesses to focus on their business – whether that’s leading their staff, building client relationships or doing their core work – while we do the complex and time-consuming work of comparing relevant energy offers. We navigate the different codes and the jargon and make the complex easy, by presenting the customer options with real dollar savings.”

It depends on the specific situation, but MIC finds “significant savings for more than 80% of the customers we deal with”, he says. 

“On average, the amount we save a business is about 8% on their annual energy bill, or $1400 a year. There’s no minimum-sized business, or a business too complex – we offer a one-stop shop and find a solution, no matter the size of the business.”

Once MIC finds you a better deal, “we take care of all the heavy lifting in terms of communicating and facilitating a transfer,” van der Tang adds. 

“At the end of the day it’s more dollars in the pocket of the customers, which is an important result of what we do.”

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