15 Small Business Savings Tips

Keep on top of your bills and invoices to avoid being charged additional fees payment past a due date. If you depend on payments from customers to pay these bills and supplier invoices, consider passing on those costs to your own customers with late fees penalties.

Things you need to know about management liability insurance

Management Liability insurance covers certain risks arising from the actions and decisions of directors, managers and employees in the running of a business. These actions and decisions could include improper conduct such as sexual harassment claims or legal claims such as unfair dismissal or defamation.

Is the end of cash hurting Australian small businesses?

According to the responses of over 1,000 Australian consumers and 400 small to medium businesses, contactless is now the preferred payment method for 51% of consumers, compared to cash (24%) or debit/ credit card payment with PIN (22%).

Four ways 5G mobile networks could transform Australian SMEs and Businesses

5G mobile networks offer more than just faster download speeds on mobile devices.

7 small business scams to look out for in 2018

A recent spate of sophisticated scams targeting Australian small and medium business owners has cast a spotlight on email fraud and cyber crime.

Top 8 business grants and incentives for Australian businesses

As a startup or small to medium business, you might be eligible for a range of Australian and state government incentives to give you a leg up and accelerate your growth. We’ve listed the top eight Australian Federal Government and state specific grants and incentives your business may be eligible for, and how to apply.

Aussie IT solutions provider HotlineIT saves $1,300 in office electricity bills

With one phone call Michelle Joosse, CEO of IT services company HotlineIT, saved their business over $1,300 (based on a $337 per quarter bill saving) in office electricity costs.

Australian small businesses may need to start paying an ABN renewal fee

In a potentially major shake up of Australia's business registration system, a recently released Treasury consultation paper has put forward a range of proposals to the long standing ABN system, which include the potential for a renewal process and fee.

Should You Turn Off Lights When You Leave The Room?

There’s a lot of debate about whether it’s better to flick off the switch or leave lights running when you leave a room. A debate that’s particularly of interest if you regularly compare electricity and gas prices – or are looking into electricity plans with the hope of finding the best electricity deals.

Energy Consumption at Work: Leaving Your Monitors on Costs Money

There’s no doubt that running a business costs a lot of money. There’s rent, salary, payroll expenses, taxes, utilities, property maintenance, the cost of goods, training, hiring, and more. When money gets tight, many businesses tend to look at the big expenses first as a way to cut costs and tighten the purse strings. However, this can have a  detrimental effect on the business. Often, the first expense to go is the human capital expense: people lose their jobs. But there are plenty of other ways to cut costs without having to let people go when things slow down or seem to be coming to an end for your company. Here are some energy consumption tips to help you make the most of your hard-earned dollar in your company.