Wireless Broadband – poor solution for Small Businesses

This week, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) announced a significant increase in the uptake of wireless broadband devices, and today Telstra has announced price cuts to a number of it's wireless broadband plans.

Great news for consumers as price cut are always welcome from a monopoloy supplier.  In the midst of all these announcement, some market commentators have speculated that given the growing success of wireless broadband may in fact render the development of the National Broadband Network (NBN) irrelevant, with a large number of people gaining internet access via wireless broadband devices (sometimes called mobile broadband - but essential a usb dongle which you plug into your laptop to access the internet).

Make It Cheaper says: "The problem is that wireless broadband is great for dipping in and out of the internet when you're out and about, but for a consitent delivery of fast and reliable internet connectivity, it is an extremely poor solution.

"For a small business, the internet provides access to a marketplace, and a marketplace which creates a level playing field between big business and the local entrepreneur.

We'd recommend small business owners pick a wireless broadband product for traveling to business meetings, or getting access at the local coffee shop, if that shop doesn't have wireless internet inplace already.  However, doing business from their home, office or shop, getting a good quality fast internet connection will make life so much easier."