Vodafone lawsuit 'depends on certain factors'

The lawsuit against telecommunications giant Vodafone will depend on what the failures of the telco actually were.

That's according to Make It Cheaper, who explained that it is difficult to work out to what extent the company failed its customers.

A class action suit has been taken against Vodafone over issues of service and connection that date back a number of years.

There was reception and coverage at times, but the question will be as to what were acceptable levels of coverage and service,

Vodafone probably has a share of a few million people in the country, but we can see from our service, that people power works and big corporations do listen. We've seen Vodafone invest billions of dollars into improving their mobile infrastructure in Australia, since their issues have come to light.

By investing $2 billion into their network over a three-year period, they are leading the way in investment. While they are still in the catch-up phase, the company is doing all it can to win back customers.

Of Vodafone's lack of a 4G network - a feature which its main competitors Telstra and Optus possess - the managing director explained that the telco's omission of 4G probably isn't hurting it.

The situation can be explained in the following way:

A bloke named Phil is sitting at the local coffee shop, looking on his 3G smart phone for Opera House tickets. But because of the wrong type of materials in the walls of the shop, he's having trouble accessing the site. But with 4G, all of a sudden his phone is performing wonders and he is able to buy the tickets at fast speeds.

The scenario is questionable, that the amount of Phils who are out there and benefiting from that change has possibly been overstated.

We would be significantly surprised if people migrate towards Optus or Telstra simply because they have a 4G network,

The appeal of more reliable coverage would be the impetus, the Make It Cheaper boss added, as rural and regional areas would more likely to enjoy the service of a bigger carrier like Optus or Telstra.

The difference between Make It Cheaper and other services, is that his business will look at what is better for you, not necessarily cheaper. If a regional customer, such as a small business owner, needs reliable service, then Telstra may be recommended - not because of price, but because they will be better off under that provider.

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