Victorians Electricity to be rationed or cut-off

The roll-out of smart meters could mean that Victorian electricity customers start to have their power rationed.

The 'scheme' is intended to allow households and even businesses to set budgets around their energy usage so when their usage hit's a certain capped amount of $ spend, then then the customer will not be able to use anymore on that day.  It could even allow for a minimal amount of usage to ensure a customer or business can keep the minimal amount of appliances running, whilst not overspending.

In theory the idea is sound, but in practice, this seems like an extremely inadequate tool to help support customers who are effectively in financial hardship.

This provides the industry with an easy 'get out' from properly taking care of customers who need real support and help.

The tool is ultimately pretty blunt, and the industry will be absolving itself from the real challenge which is customer education.

The industry need to help customers understand how to cut their overall energy usage by becoming more efficient in how they use electricity both at home and in business, and also show them ways to cut the $ amount they pay by switching from the more expensive energy retailers to cheaper ones.  Having customers sign 'credit management' contracts could cause real issues in customers entering into agreements that they absolutely no understanding of.