Top 10 Scams targetting online shoppers and small business

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released the Top 10 Scams that have been hitting online shoppers and small businesses over the past year, as well as providing some useful tips of what scams to be aware of and how not to be caught out.

The ACCC Top 10 Scams are:

1. Advance fee / up-front payment (Nigerian style)
2. Online auction and shopping
3. Lottery and sweepstake
4. Unexpected 'prize'
5. False billing (advertising, directories, domain names)
6. Banking and online account (including phishing)
7. Job and employment (including business opportunity)
8. Dating and romance (including adult services)
9. Mobile phone (ringtones, competitions, missed calls)
10. Computer prediction software (including betting)

The ACCC has developed a new fact sheet 'Small Business Scams' (available here) which explains the types of scams targeting small business and provides hints for business owners on how to avoid getting caught out.

The ACCC also has a SCAMwatch service, available online and over the phone for any business or consumers who feel they have been defrauded.

Make It Cheaper says: "These are excellent resources for any small business to help them from falling victim to these very dodgy scams.  From our perspective, the best advice is, if it smells fishy, then it is, if it looks dodgy then it is, if it looks too good to be true then it is,"

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Contact details:
ACCC or 1300 302 502
SCAMwatch or 1300 795 995