Survey reveals half of SME websites fail at SEO

A survey by the UK's Thomson Local has revealed that half of the websites operated by small and medium businesses are not properly optimised for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  

The survey looked at 1,001 SME websites and took account of factors such as website Indexation, On and Off Site Optimisation, as well as a variety of other factors.

The survey suggests that over 70% of companies with less than 50 employees have none or very basic levels of SEO.

Search Industry Expert Brendan Gillen of Exstatic Media comments: "Search is not hard to get right, but it can be very easy to get wrong. whilst half of the UK SME's are failing to tailor their sites for search engines like Google, we believe that a far larger proportion of Australian SME's are getting it plain wrong - and it's costing them valuable customers."

Of all the businesses surveyed, over 70% did not have any basic website analytics, such as Google Analytics, to help track the number of visitors and where the visitors come from.

Tim Wolfenden, CEO of comments: "Getting your website right is absolutely critical - for small local businesses it breaks down barriers, and allows them to compete in a more aggressive and effective way.  SME's need to ensure they can be found be customers in their immediate viscinity as well as the greater surrounding area.  Working with a credible search agency is a key way to do this."