South Australia Energy Ombudsman reports rise in complaints

Following in the steps of its counterparts in Queensland and New South Wales, the South Australian Energy Ombudsman has reported that enquiries and complaints have risen by over 60% in the last financial year.

The Ombudsman identified that around half of the complaints were generated from billing issues, a majority of which involved AGL.  The Ombudsman highlighted issues with late billing, incorrect bills and on some occasions no bill at all, which all resulted in customer complaints.

Make It Cheaper says: "We are starting to see an unfortunate pattern across a number of the states in Australia, where complaints are on the up.  It's a shame that South Australia hasn't managed to buck this trend, but it seems to be the age old problem of retailers' old billing systems coupled with ambitious changes to new billing systems that has caused home owners and small businesses confusion and stress.

"We will see service become an increasingly important factor when customers look to review their energy supplier.  Not only will they be thinking about price, but they will also want to ensure that they receive a good service with accurate billing."