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SME's Keep Watching Brief on New Consumer Laws

A New Year, and a new set of rules and regulations that SME's need to be across to ensure they maintain compliance within their business.

Aside from the introduction of the new Paid Parental leave scheme, the most significant change is the change to consumer law.  We now have a brand new single, national consumer law: the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The key has been to create One Law, which is Easy to Understand, can be Better Enforced, setting out Clear Obligations for businesses.

The main changes being implemented in the ACL are:

  • a single set of definitions and interpretative provisions
  • a new national law on unfair contract terms
  • a single set of provisions about unfair practices and fair trading
  • new national consumer guarantees provisions
  • a new national regime for unsolicited consumer agreements
  • simple, national rules for lay-by agreements
  • a new national product safety legislative regime
  • new national provisions on information standards, which apply to services as well as goods



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