Small Business Spotlight: Messy Faces

Starting a business on your own is great, but starting a business as a pair can be even better as shown by Victoria and Emma; the two friends behind Messy Faces, a meal delivery service specialising in delivering healthy frozen meals for children. 

The Beginning of Messy Faces

The pair had always wanted to start their own business and their business came to fruition whilst they were on maternity leave; Victoria had been made redundant and struggled to find a suitable part time role after being turned down for being ‘too experienced’ and Emma’s long and unsociable hours as a paediatric nurse would have taken its toll on family life so what better time to start working for themselves? The business idea stemmed from the worry of getting enough vegetables into their young children without the usual daily battle against the greens. The initial planning stages of their business occurred through conversations at swings, the park, cafes and at the pub and before long Messy Faces was born! 

The First Year of Messy Faces

Sbs Messy Faces Vegetable CurryThis was just under a year ago and Messy Faces has since gone from strength to strength, delivering healthy meals to families across Melbourne. Victoria and Emma have grown a loyal customer base and are soon to open their first shop! 

Whilst the businesses success is clear, the past year has not been without it’s bumps in the road, as Victoria admits: “We’ve made plenty of mistakes on the way, from costly mistakes like not reading shipping contracts carefully enough and getting a $1000 handling fee for our freezer bags, to little mistakes like leaving a freezer door open and ruining hundreds of dollars of meals.” However, the pair have true entrepreneurial spirit and place emphasis on learning from these incidents, “As a result of these mistakes we have refined our business policies and practices many times, each time making the business run a little bit more smoothly.” 

Advice For Your Small Business 

As with many start-ups, the first year of business has been a learning curve for the team and Victoria’s biggest advice to anyone hoping to follow in the pairs footsteps in opening their own business is to remain true to your principles: “We [at Messy Faces] have the main principles of health, sustainability and the environment and each time we make a change to the business or start something new we always make sure it fits with our original mission statement.” 

Discover More

A big thank you to Victoria and Emma from Messy Faces for their time and we at Make It Cheaper wish you both the best of luck in your new shop. For more information about Messy Faces you can visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.