Small Business Spotlight: HART : LDN

For this week’s Small Business Spotlight, we’ve spoken to Tiffany Jade Benn, owner and director of HART : LDN – an online homeware store based in Sydney and specialising in Australian designed products. 

Opening HART : LDN

Sbs Hart Ldn CushionTiffany started HART : LDN in August 2014 and opened her store’s website in February 2015. Her mission for the business is to become the number one marketplace for Australian designed home décor products. Considering Tiffany began the business with 300 products and has grown to 1300, with new products being added regularly, she is well on her way! 

Like many entrepreneurs, Tiffany’s inspiration for starting her own business came from dreaming of building a lifestyle that allowed more freedom away from the 9 to 5. It was being made redundant after 15 years as a money broker in the financial sector that gave Tiffany the big opportunity to pursue her dream and open her own business. 

“A redundancy after 15 years in a career that never felt like my life’s purpose gave me the opportunity to finally follow my passion, and it feels great!” 

A change from working for others in finance to herself in homeware sounds like a big change – and Tiffany seems to have taken to the transition like a fish to water. Whilst she had a wonderful time in her career as a money broker and met many amazing people, the entrepreneur now feels as though she is focussing on part II of her life: “It’s so different but I am now in an industry that I adore. The designers and customers I work with are so diverse and that’s really exciting to me.” 

Tiffany says that the only thing she finds a bit tough now that she is working for herself is that she is not surrounded by people every day in an office, but she makes sure to attend as many networking events as she can to bring social contact back into her day-to-day. This also gives her the benefit of being able to create some great connections. Tiffany also joined The Entourage Scalable and Saleable Program and says that this has been a great investment, “not only have I learned a huge amount but also the day to day contact I have with my fellow entrepreneurs is great - we all help each other out and the support network is phenomenal.” 

Over the past thirteen months of running her business, Tiffany says that her confidence as a business woman has soared and she is more ambitious and determined than ever, but what piece of advice would she give to aspiring entrepreneurs? “The best piece of advice I could give other entrepreneurs would be to ask, ask, ask. Don't be afraid to ask everyone and anyone for help or advice - you find out some amazing information that way!” 

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A big thank you to Tiffany for her time and for giving us a great insight into how it feels to transition from the corporate world to working for yourself. You can visit the HART : LDN online shop or like the shop on their Facebook page.