Small Business Spotlight: Gothic Zen Studios

Whatever our career paths, we all have a bit of a creative flair. For some, this flair is kept hidden until home time, but for others the dream is for this creative flair to spill into every day. It was this passion for creativity that spurred the founders of content creation company Gothic Zen Studios, husband and wife team Clare and Goran, to start up their own business.

Starting Gothic Zen

Since their business opened in 2013, the company have worked to provide filming and editing services with a range of clients from charities to corporations both in Australia and overseas. Like many small business owners, the founders of Gothic Zen were inspired to leave their previous careers to pursue the dream of running their own business and loving what they do every day. One of the founders, Clare, even leaving a successful clinical based career as an internationally recognised medicine practitioner to follow her dream of creativity.

To be expected, the transition from a clinical based to a creatively driven career was challenging for Clare; “I've been trained to follow rules and to believe there is generally a right and wrong approach to everything. Creative careers have no such rules. In fact, if there was a rule it would be that there are 'no rules'.” In the beginning stages of Gothic Zen, Clare admits that she struggled to change her ways, however she has now learned that as long as there is a happy outcome, the road you take to get there is not really important and she is thoroughly enjoying her new creative path as a business owner.

So what advice would Clare give to any aspiring business owners? “If you are unhappy in a situation, know that you always have the strength to change it. If you trust your intuition and believe in yourself, the change will always be a step in the right direction.”

Discover More

This advice is clearly working for Clare and Goran at Gothic Zen Studios as the company is going from strength to strength. You can visit their website here for more information on the company.

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