Small Business Spotlight: Geraldine Pierre Skin Care

In a world where unnatural beauty products are running wild, it is no surprise that many new businesses are looking to counteract this and head down a more natural route. A few weeks ago we spoke to Carolyn, owner of 808 Dude, a natural teen boy’s brand, and this week we are talking to Geraldine, owner of new business Geraldine Pierre Skin Care.

Background To The Business

With Geraldine Pierre Skin Care, owner Geraldine hopes to bring a more natural and holistic approach to beauty; by bringing natural, cruelty-free and vegan products to the market. Not only this, but Geraldine Pierre products will be made in small batches with very little processing ensuring that the ingredients used will be kind to your skin. Geraldine believes that by taking a holistic approach to beauty your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing can also improve.

Geraldine Pierre Skin Care is the first business started and owned by Geraldine and her furry co-founder Pierre. Geraldine found the transition relatively easy and she admits that the change was possibly overdue. When asked how she had been finding the transition from working for herself to working for someone else, Geraldine responded with:

“In these early stages of my business, I love that I get to wear multiple hats, develop my own support structure, have a steep learning curve and most importantly, connect with my niche directly.”

Whilst, like many business owners, Geraldine is working more hours than she was when she was in the corporate world, she is thoroughly enjoying the flexibility that working for herself is allowing. Stating that working for herself feels more productive as she is keeping meetings to a minimum and is able to organise and structure her own day. Additionally, Geraldine does not have to commute or run errands during the peak rush hour. Plus, bonus for animal lover Geraldine is that she gets to spend more time with her fur-baby Pierre.

Geraldine was inspired to start her business by her want to help people take a holistic and natural approach to their skincare and health. Geraldine wants to encourage her customers to challenge beauty and social norms and live more purposefully.

Advice to Aspiring Business Owners

And what piece of advice would Geraldine give to aspiring business owners? “Have a very clear and strong vision that aligns to your personal values. As there are many facets to running a business and at times, you’ll be wearing multiple hats, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, fearful, rejected and misunderstood. In those moments, take a breath and always go back to your vision. Ask yourself is what you’re doing is worth the effort.”

Discover More

For more information on Geraldine Pierre Skin Care you can visit their website here. Their first two products will be out this month.

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