Saving Dollars Via Examining Energy Usage

Keeping the house running can be an expensive business and it's estimated that, in south east Queensland at least 25% overspend on energy. This can be for a range of reasons, from being on a tariff not suited to your usage, to simply using too much.

There are a number of tips and tricks you can employ to reduce your energy intake. With a bit of time and added effort, however, you can research and deploy several other methods to keep cents in your pocket.


Insulating your rooms, your windows, and your floors by filling the gaps, is a straightforward way to keep your house at the temperature you require before employing heating or aircon. Have you thought about the internal mechanics of your house, though?

Take your water heater. Most of the energy that modern heaters use is actually in keeping water warm in the first place while it waits to be deployed via the tap. You can spend as little or as much money as you require to insulate your water heater, as DIY methods are there to be used, or you may opt to use professionals instead. The end result, if the work is done properly, is the same - a reduction in the massive amounts of heat that water heaters regularly lose.

You can apply this doctrine to other areas of the house, though always be careful that any items liable to get hot aren’t going to set or catch fire to any alterations you have fitted.

Maximize Cooler Usage

An often overlooked area in the household are fridges and freezers. Switched on all day, the energy used by fridge-freezers comes to 8% of the household running total. That’s a huge proportion, considering the amount of stuff we have plugged in in the house these days.

Consider making the most of the space in there. Whilst you shouldn’t wedge every last thing together, as that can overload the fridge and mean your food isn’t cooled properly, it makes sense to reduce the amount of open spaces inside the fridge and especially the freezer. Open spaces means the cool can dissipate quicker, increasing your energy bills in the long term and making it less efficient.

Energy efficiency is an undercurrent to everything we do, and whilst it doesn’t appear like something that can make a big difference, the trickle of dollars back into your wallet from excessive energy bills over the years can really add up. And it’s not hard to do - bear in mind these tips for a taster of what you can achieve.

Author: Jackie Edwards 

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