Queenslanders' energy usage peaks

Energex have reported that South East Queensland energy usage peaked last month at 1994 gigawatts vs 1813 gigawatts a year earlier.

A significant amount of the usage increase was driven by the industrial, commercial and small business sector, with householder accounting for a minority of the overall usage.  However, Energex reports that a typical household now uses 11 megawatts a year, which has moved up from 6.4 megawatts previously.

Make It Cheaper says: "When it heats up, air conditioning units are turned up to the max, and the electricity grid has to cope.  Both small business and big business will constantly look to provide a comfortable working environment for their workforce - this level of comfort comes at a price.

"It is essential a balance is achieved, both in terms of the environmental impact of using energy, but also the costs involved in ramping up the usage of AC units.  Small business can look to cut their cost by employing a few simple energy saving tips - every little helps."

Ensuring your air conditioning unit is well maintained, and that your climate control system is effective will help a business control their energy usage in the hot summer months.