Queensland Electricity Bills to Soar

From 1 July 2010 Queensland electricity bills will rise 13%, adding $240 to a home owner energy bill, but worse, small businesses could see an annual rise closer to $1000.

The price increase is a combination of increased energy costs, the need to investment in the energy network and an increase to the telemarketing costs that retailer incur to promote their services to new and existing customers.

This price increase is the fourth consecutive annual increase that customers have seen.  Bills have now risen over 50% in just 4 years.

Tim Wolfenden, CEO of MakeItCheaper.com, says: "Customers will be left scratching their heads, questioning the validity of this price increases.  Suggesting that some of these rises are down to increased telemarketing costs will leave many customers perplexed.

Suppliers really need to trim down their marketing expenses, and start to use for efficient and effective methods to tell customers about their services.

We would agree that investment is crucial, but customers need to be given a fair go, and be passed on energy increases which are reasonable.

This price hike is going to be painful for the average homeowner, but it could really hammer small businesses already struggling to makes ends meet."