One million businesses to be hurt by Do Not Call extension

Research commissioned jointly by the Council of Small Business of Australia and search directory has suggested that 45 per cent of businesses believe their costs will rise as a result of proposed legislation to extend the Do Not Call Register to cover businesses, which currently only applies to residential customers.

The research suggests that 30% of business are likely to list their number on the register, this will mean that around 600,000 of the current 2 million (approx) businesses in Australia will be listed.

COSBOA contend that the use of telephone sales and marketing is a natural function for businesses to promote their wares, with around one fifth of business marketing and selling to other businesses at the moment.

Make It Cheaper says: "The current Do Not Call legislation that protects residential consumer has led to around half of Australia's households signing up.

The real challenge, highlighted by TrueLocal, is that there are over 1.9m businesses, who employee less than 20 people.  These businesses are those without the marketing muscle of the significantly bigger (but smaller in number) multinationals.

This change, if adopted in the wrong way, could very well create a massive 'them and us' syndrome in Australia, which will only end up being to the disadvantage of the true small business, which is part of the lifeblood of the country.

If this proposed legislation goes ahead, it needs to be implemented in a considerate and flexible way, to ensure businesses are protected from 'spamming' and 'heavy handed sales calls' (one of the obvious goals), but allows small business a clear route of access to the businesses they want and need to sell their products and services to."