NSW business customers face electricity price increases

The New South Wales energy regulator has confirmed the impact that electricity network charge increases and the governments' CPRS will have on businesses energy bills.

Electricity bills for business customers by 2013 will look like:

  • Energy Australia $6,456
  • Integral Energy $5,280
  • Country Energy $7,904

That's just for businesses using 20,000 kWh - typically a small high street retailer.  For customers using 40,000 kWh, such as a butchers, hotel, or dairy farm, the above costs will easily double, with bills ranging from $10,500 to $15,800 - a signifcant difference purely based on supplier and location.

Make It Cheaper says: "Because there are different costs to support the infrastructure and that the networks incur, this creates markedly different prices across metropolital and rural NSW.

The fact of the matter is that most business customers don't care why their bills are increasing, they just care that they are, and will be searching for help and support from the government to find ways to off-set these rising costs.

This is where Make It Cheaper can help.  We offer a comprehensive service, comparing the entire range of suppliers available to business customers in NSW, and we will help those customers switch to cheaper deals"