New Year Price Hike for Victorians

January 2011 spells electricity price hike time for many Victorians.

The three major incumbents in Victoria, Origin Energy, TRUenergy and AGL have all announced hikes for their standard customers.

The vast majority of other retailers, typically with smaller customer bases are expect to follow through the course of January.

A typical home owner could see an additional $160 added to their annual bill.

Incumbent Price Changes Schedule

  • Origin Energy - Price Rise 1st Jan 2011
  • TRUenergy - Price Rise 23rd Jan 2011
  • AGL - Price Rise 1st Jan 2011

The electricity price increases vary massively by regions, across Victoria.

Price Increase Summary

  • Citipower (Central Melbourne) = lowest price increases, 2-5% increase (AV 3% Increase)
  • Powercor (raw a straight line down the centre of Vic, and it's everything to the west i.e. Shep, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong etc) = 6-8% increase (AV 7% Increase)
  • SP Ausnet (raw a straight line down the centre of Vic, and it's everything to the east) = hardest hit, 8-17% increase (AV 12% Increase)
  • Jemena (Eastern Metro Melbourne) = 10-14% increase (AV 12% Increase)
  • United (Western Metro Melbourne down to Mornington) = 9-11% increase (AV 10% Increase)

Competitive Deals

Fortunately, new retailers are constantly looking to acquire new customers with aggressive deals, and existing retailers are looking to retain customers.  The key is to shop around, compare prices, and negotiate a better deal.