New Idea Gives Spark to the Electricity Market

A new drive to get NSW households engaged in the electricity market has been launch by Manly lawyer, Boon How. 10,000 Sparks is intended to get 10,000 NSW households on the same bandwagon and get them a decent saving.

With coverage in the SMH and on Today Tonight alongside Make It Cheaper, there's likely to be a high amount of awareness and uptake on a new idea and a new way to get home owners engaged in the electricity sector.

Boon How said: "10,000 Sparks is based on a group-buying scheme in Pennsylvania, which cut energy bills by, fifteen per cent - we're aiming for at least five to seven per cent off your bill. Obviously the more people, the better the price."

Any idea which is going to engage New South Wales home owners, and get them excited about saving money, is a great idea!