New Consumer Law Shuts Door on Door-Knockers

Electricity and gas sales people have traditionally either targeted low employment areas during the day, and home owners or tenants who work in the early evening.

Up to the end of 2010, door knockers preyed on the 6pm to 8pm dinner time shift, where pressure selling was at it's best.

The door has now been slammed firmly shut by the new Australian Consumer Law, which wraps up a number of existing Acts and provision, to provide more robust protection to consumers.

What it means now is that from the 1st January 2011, no-one is allowed to door knock (unsolicited - i.e. without an appointment) after 6pm, Monday through to Friday, or after 5pm on Saturdays.  Sundays and Public Holidays are a total 'no no'.  The earliest anyone can attempt to 'ring your bell' is 9am!

This will reflect a massive change now for the majority working population, who dreaded coming home from a hard day at work to be hammered by the sales pitch of an electricity, telecoms, insurance sales person.

Those industries are still able to telemarket, unsolicited, but their is the provision of the Do Not Call Register which very easily allows home owners to have their number taken off a calling list.