New Bills hitting Queensland business where it hurts

In the past 3 months 130,000 Queensland businesses have seen a new electricity bill land into their business.

There's an estimated 80,000 home based businesses affected, with a further 50,000 businesses operating from commercial premises who are being severely impacted by these prices increases.

Despite warnings of price increases, very few businesses have taken action, and attempt to address the issue of rising energy costs by switching energy retailers.

With a flat 13.29% increase being applied to all these businesses bills, this is resulting in increases anywhere from $250 upto $2500 depending on how much energy is used.

There is a growing amount of competition between retailers in Queensland, and now more than ever, we've started to see retailers coming to the market with some interesting deals.

It's important that businesses take action NOW.  When you switch retailers, you typically follow your current meter read and billing cycle, which means if your next meter read and bill are now due until October, your switch to a new cheaper retailer will not happen until then."

Our advice is simple, Switch and Save!