Majority of Small Businesses do not have a website

Following on from news in the UK that SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) websites are not well optimised for search engines like Google, research conducted last year by Research International suggests that 75 per cent (3 out of 4) of small businesses, of which there are around 1.6 million in Australia, do not have a 'stand-alone' website.

The research reveals that small businesses are just not embracing the web, and the access it could provide them to a far larger marketplace for their business.

40 per cent of the businesses surveyed by Research International are not using email or the internet at all for business, whilst only 26 per cent have ventured into the world of ecommerce.

Tim Wolfenden, Director at comments: "Online and ecommerce can seem a world away for many small business owners, who just don't have the time to figure out what it means or the benefits it could provide to their business.

Over the past 6-months we have seen a significant increase in businesses coming to us via our own website, looking for information and wanting simple advice on how they can reduce costs in their business.

This is clearly a good first step, hopefully in time they will grow the confidence to improve their own online presence, and maybe even start to acquire customers online."