Lumo Energy launches

On 5th July 2010 Victoria Electricity, Queensland Electricity, South Australia Electricity and NSW Electricity re-branded under one consolidated name and brand of Lumo Energy.

Lumo Energy is (and as a group was) one of the larger independent retailers competing in the electricity and gas retail space, with 400,000 customers.

Tim Wolfenden, CEO of comments: "Lumo Energy is presenting itself as a fresh alternative to some of the large incumbent energy players we have in Australia.

The previous entities of Victoria, Queensland and South Australia Electricity always came across as a little bit staid - however, we should not underestimate the power that regional business names have.

A significant number of Aussie's will have been attracted to the regional focus that each of the previous businesses had, and whilst this rebrand makes good marketing sense, it may leaves a number of existing customers disillusioned."