5 Tips To Save Your Business From The July 1 Energy Price Rise

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The July 1 energy price rise is fast approaching with some major energy retailers confirming that their energy prices will rise close to 20% for Australian businesses in NSW and South Australia.

What steps can you take to start saving for your business?

  1. Replace bulbs. Quality LED light bulbs last 5 to 10 times longer than halogen light bulbs and consume 25% of the energy to produce the same light output.
  2. Check the stars. If you’re looking to introduce or replace outdated appliances in your business it’s key to check the power star rating. Invest in appliances and devices that are as energy efficient as possible.
  3. Standby. From monitors to laptop chargers - devices on ‘standby’ may be responsible for up to 10% of your business energy consumption. Take charge of energy efficiency in your office and ask your team to unplug overnight.
  4. Use the sun. Solar energy is a clean, free and renewable energy source. Solar panels might require an investment upfront but that cost can be recovered within few years if solar energy is used to its full extent.
  5. Compare and save. When was the last time you compared your business energy rates? Make it Cheaper provides a free comprehensive service that enables you to find the cheapest energy rates for your business. It’s quick, simple and completely free.

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