iPhone 5 May Lead To Additional Charges

Queries have been raised about whether the recent release of the iPhone 5 could lead to higher phone plan prices, according to an Australian expert.

Publisher of comparison website finder.com.au/mobile-plans Todd Foot issued the warning: "The new 4G could blow out people's data allocation as part of their plan and there are hefty fees to pay for this."

While the iPhone has the capability to give its owners the world at your fingertips - thanks to its faster Wi-Fi and 4G high speed capabilities - its use may lead to higher monthly charges for consumers.

"Major telcos excess charges are in the region of 25 cent per megabyte over the allowance. By downloading several emails with, for example five megabyte attachments, consumers could end up with a bill nearly double their monthly fee," Mr Todd added.

This is a timely reminder for Australians, particularly since a survey commissioned by the comparison service reported that 80.6 per cent of Australians plan to purchase an iPhone 5 in the near future.

Before you take the leap to buy the latest iPhone, you may want to consider the best mobile plan for your needs and requirements.

This could be particularly important if you want to avoid additional costs and it could be a wise move to compare phone plans carefully before purchasing a new phone.

Posted by Eve Gillespie

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