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Energy Saving Christmas Light Ideas

Save both energy and money this Christmas with our selection of three lovely lights that are perfect for adding a festive twinkle to your home or garden!

Christmas Energy Saving Tips

Looking for ways to cut back on your energy usage this Christmas? Look no further as we have five tips to help you reduce spends and energy use this Christmas time.

Extreme Money Saving In The Home

Getting a quote from Make It Cheaper couldn't be any easier, but there are some much more difficult ways to save energy.

Five Tips to Create a Sustainable Home

If you're as inspired as we are about Sustainable House Day 2015 on the 13th September, you'll no doubt want to improve your own homes sustainability. See our top five tips to improving your homes sustainability without breaking the bank!

Going Solar: Three Considerations

There are lots of things to consider when taking the plunge into the world of renewable energy. To keep things simple, we've created a very brief list of three things you should be considering when making the change to solar power, whether at home or at your business premises. Read these three considerations here.

New Idea Gives Spark to the Electricity Market

A new drive to get NSW households engaged in the electricity market has been launch by Manly...

NSW Gov Kills Solar Rebate

The NSW Energy Minister Chris Hartcher has announced a massive cut to the State's existing rebate...

Make It Cheaper on Today Tonight - Off Peak Power

Make It Cheaper talks to David Richardson from Today Tonight on customers Off Peak electricity...

The People's Parliament

The Daily Telegraph's People's Parliament kicked off yesterday, with hotly debated topics around...

New South Wales Electricity Competition Sizzles

The gloves are off.  New South Wales electricity retailers are taking up the fight for new...