Half of Aussie Business without a Website

A survey by Telstra of 500 Aussie businesses has revealed some alarming facts around the tortoise like take up of new technologies by small business.

- 10% of Businesses with less than 20 employees do not use a desktop PC (approx 90,000 businesses)
- 25% do not use a standard mobile phone
- 45% do not use a smart phone (a phone which is typically web and email enabled)
- 50% of Aussie businesses without a website

Telstra has described half of Aussie business to be cautious or not interested in new technology.  Whilst this may be a sufficient position short term, over the next few years with the growth of the NBN and invaribaly more competition, all Aussie businesses will need to become alot more savvy about new technology, and what it means to them.