GreenPower proving unpopular with businesses

Newly released Goverment figures show that less than 5% of businesses have signed up to GreenPower, the government accreditation program for renewable energy.

The objectives of the National GreenPower Accreditation Program are to:

1. Facilitate the installation of new renewable energy generators across Australia
2. Encourage consumer demand for renewable energy.
3. Provide consumer choice for, and increase confidence in credible renewable energy products.
4. Promote the renewable energy industry through the rigorous accreditation of generators.
5. Increase consumer awareness of the benefits of renewable energy.
6. Increase the sustainability of Australia's electricity supply.

The sector doing the most in terms of supporting the GreenPower initiative is the 'electricity, gas and waste services' sector, with 8% of businesses having signed up.  

One of the worst sectors for supporting GreenPower is the mining industry.  With electricity spend in excess of $1billion a year, the governments suggests that only 15 businesses operating in that sector have signed up for GreenPower.

Tim Wolfenden, Director at Make It Cheaper comments: "Buying 'green' or renewable energy produces a bit of a feel good factor for many people, but it's pretty clear that businesses are not engaged.

The fact of the matter is that businesses have sufficiently high costs in terms of their electricity bills without having to load them with more costs and additional subsidy.

The bottom line is that the energy industry is investing in new renewable generation to hit the mandatory target put down by the government - we are all paying for this as part of the outcome of paying our energy bills, households or businesses.

For those businesses who want that additional 'green stamp' to their business, then we would recommend implementing energy efficiency measures as a means of becoming greener.  Then they should consider the benefits that the 'GreenPower' scheme can offer them."