Government adding pressure to Regional energy bills

The recent Henry Tax review and subsequent decision by the government to provide a 'super profits' tax to the energy industry is likely put pressure on the energy prices regional businesses and home owners pay.

Electricity costs are constantly on the rise.  Network costs increasing with the need for greater infrastructure investment, with greater demand pressures, wholesale energy costs will see increases, and the 'on / off' Emmissions Trading Scheme will eventually, in whatever form it ends up taking, have a significant impact on the end customers bill.

Make It Cheaper says: "It's extremely hard to pick how much prices could rise by, but sure as night follows day, the one thing we can pick is that energy costs will rise this year and next.  In fact for the foreseeable future.

Business owners have to wake up and understand that they can slash their costs by shopping around, and forcing suppliers to offer more competitive prices.  Switch and save is the motto, any money back in you bank is better off there than the energy suppliers."