Free Google Tags trial

Google, the worlds largest and most successful search engine and marketplace is giving small business something new to try out local customer acquisition with.  It's called Google Tags.

Google Tags allows a business to place 'yellow markers' which appear on Google Maps business listings.  When 'rolled over' (with a mouse), it can highlight coupons, photos or other advertiser content.

Rather than charging customers on a 'per click' basis - as ad-words does (often found to be unsuccessful by small businesses who target the very local market) - it simply charges a fixed fee of $25 (USD) per month.

So for the Mum and Dad Milk Bar looking to gain some cheap online presence, this is not a bad option, at an outlay of only $300 (USD) a year.  At least the risk of gaining a lot of irrelevant 'clicks' is removed.

Business customers can have a go at this for FREE until the 23rd July (Friday) with an exclusive FREE trial of Google Tags being offered by Google.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.