ETS delay to give short term respite to businesses

Kevin Rudd and the federal government have postponed decisions around their proposed ETS (Emmissions Trading Scheme) until 2013.

For businesses, this means the projected impact of the ETS scheme will not hit energy prices until 2013 and beyond.

Whilst price increases for businesses in NSW will be softened, they will still see price rises ranging from 20 per cent to over 40 per cent depending on their current supplier.  The same scenario will also be reflected across other states.

Make It Cheaper says: "The delay will be welcomed by both small businesses and homeowners.  The issues is that there are still price increases on the way across all states, and once the government has refined it's ETS plans there will be further increase from 2013 onwards.

The key is for businesses to get the heads round what this means for the long term, and start planning on ways to reduce their energy usage and become more energy efficient"

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