Energy price rises in Queensland cause complaints

The Queensland Energy Ombudsman (QEO) announced last week that that recent electricity prices rises have sparked a large increase in complaints.

In a visit to Rockhampton, Barry Adams, an QEO representative met both Ergon Energy and complaining customers, who created almost 20% of complaint that the QEO receive.

Make It Cheaper says: "Unsurprisingly, this is a common reaction we find from customers when they see significant price hikes.  When they're unhappy, they complain."

"The Queensland Energy Ombudsman suggests that competition needs to improve, so that customers have a greater choice of retailers to switch to.

For a number of business customers a new supplier called QEnergy is available, and we'd urge all business customers to compare their current electricity prices to a supplier like QEnergy the next time they review their contractual terms."

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