Energy costs set to soar in Western Australia

Yesterday, the Western Australia government announced across the board electricity and gas price increases, set to impact businesses and homeowner from April this year.

The announcement will look to set electricity costs soaring by 7.5% in April with a further 10% just 3-month later in July - gas cost will rise by 7% in the same period.

In real terms, this will add $379 to a typical small businesses annual energy bill, and $215 to a household's energy bill.  For higher energy users, these increases will be significantly more in dollar value.

Make It Cheaper says: "Electricity and gas price rises are never good news.  What makes the situation in WA worse is that business customers have nowhere to go.  Unlike their counterparts across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland who are able to switch to cheaper energy suppliers, those customers in WA do not have a choice and are unable to switch.

The best advice for business customers and homeowners is to look at the ways they can become more energy efficient, and try and cut down on their energy usage."

Price increases are never easy, but cutting down on your energy usage will go some way to reduce the impact of these higher bills"