Emissions Trading Scheme – Will small businesses end up footing the bill?

The Australian political parties all have strong opinions on how climate change and emission trading should be tackled.  The senate has officially rejected the Federal Government's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) bill which means the various parties now have until December to reach a compromise on a suitable alternative ETS.

There are concerns that the ETS is really a stealth tax: it limits the amount of carbon that may be emitted, and so prices are forced up for emission-intensive goods and services such as electricity.  Make It Cheaper feels that the likely outcome is that these price rises would be passed onto the consumer and small business owners.

Although Malcolm Turnbull (Leader of the Liberal party) has stated they'd look to compensate small businesses facing rising electricity prices, whether this actually happens is yet to be seen.

Nationals Leader Warren Truss has serious objections to the bill, his opinion being that, "We are supporting the negotiation of amendments to this dog of a plan because if it just happens to get through the parliament, we should make it less damaging if we can, to the ETS".

With Queenslanders already struggling to pay bills, and the possibility of further rises in prices, we can only hope the various parties can agree on a suitable middle ground. There appears to be a lot of work to do before a compromise is found, but hopefully the various political parties will be able to come to an agreement which doesn't impede on small businesses and consumers alike.