Electricity Prices set to Soar Warns Retailer

One of Australia's largest energy retailers has warned that electricity prices will soar over the next 6 years.  TRUenergy Chief Executive Richard McIndoe, has outlined how a carbon price will likely double consumer electricity bills.

Both New South Wales and Queensland are facing potential electricity supply shortages over the next few years, which will have a significant impact on a households energy.  On top of that, the proposed Carbon Tax will keep prices punching further upwards

Mr McIndoe said: "A carbon price will add another $300 per household on top of that, so for a six-year period you're seeing an effective doubling of electricity prices per household with no tangible benefit"

There is growing concern in the industry that without clear consensus amongst the political parties, the investment landscape for utilities will remain in a state of flux, and likely result in ongoing price pressures.