Electricity increases to cause bread prices to rise

The Opposition's Tony Abbott has laid down the gauntlet to the Government on the impact that their proposed Emmissions Trading Scheme (ETS) could have on electricity costs by saying "protecting the environment is important but you don't protect the environment by raising the price of bread."

The news came following a visit by Mr Abbott to a bakery in Geelong, Victoria, with a prediction of the ETS adding $1000 a month to the bakery's electricity costs, an increase of 20%.

Make It Cheaper says: "A baker is typically used to using yeast to make things rise, and that's in their control.  This shows the impact of the Emmissions Trading Scheme is extreme.

For a baker it could be tricky to decrease their energy usage - ideally they would want to see it increase, as that would mean they may be baking more bread.

What's critical is for businesses to keep an eye on their energy costs, and look to shop around when their contract is due for renewal to ensure they get a cheaper deal from a different electricity supplier."

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