Electricity doorknockers switching customers illegally

Doorknockers have been caught switching unsuspecting home owners on to new energy contracts without signatures or consent.

The culprit retailer this time around is Simply Energy, who has taken the matter extremely seriously, who have sacked the saleman, and referred the matter to the local police.

The case has renewed demands for doorknocking to be banned or for a "Do Not Knock" register to be established.

Tim Wolfenden, Director at MakeItCheaper.com.au comments: "For every door to door salesman who is 'found out', there's going to be another 5 or 10 practicing similar poor selling techniques.  It's just that a lot of customers don't notice when things change."

"Customers cannot do anything about unscrupulous salespeople forging their signatures and switching them to an alternative retailer.  But, customers need to be vigilant, and always ensure they ask door to door salespeople for ID, and never invite them into their home.  

Most importantly, never sign or agree to anything on the door.  Take the information, and then do your own research or call and independent service, like Make It Cheaper, who can provide impartial advice."

Main issues with door to door sales people:

-    Under quoting of prices
-    Not explaining contractual terms

Remember to ask for:

-    Product Information Statement (PIS)
-    Contract length

No 1 Rule: Don't feel pressured into signing any agreement on the door - a credible door to door agent will happily provide you with the information and pay you another visit to have the deal signed