Consumers don't understand Smart Meters

Consumer don't understand Smart Meters and the government is doing a poor job of educating customers to the benefits of Smart Meters.

Many energy industry experts see smart meters as a crucial building block to helping customers not only understand how much energy they use, but also why they use it, and how to reduce their overall consumption.

A new web-based smart metering system developed by CSIRO is one clear way to help support the delivery of information and data to consumers.

With the current annual cost to support a new smart meter estimated to be around $70-80 per meter, and the estimated annual saving benefit to be around $1300 for a typical small business, there is some real merit in taking smart metering seriously

The big question is how to get the usage data delivered to customers in an easy to use format, and then get the customers to engage in the data.  In Europe and the US, Google's Powermeter is making significant strides in helping utilities deliver this data straight into the consumers home, without the need for expensive 'home monitoring' gadgets.

Tim Wolfenden, CEO of Make It Cheaper comments: "Smart Meters hold some real value, and it's quite clear that that money saving benefit will far out weigh the cost, it's just that the Australian government is doing a poor job at getting this message across to the end user.

What the energy industry needs to focus on is the efficient and effective roll-out of smart meters, then plug the data in to complimenary technologies such as Google's Powermeter."

If this is done properly, businesses really stand to save an awful lot of money"