CHOICE Switch exits energy comparison sector

Yesterday, CHOICE Switch, a subsidiary of CHOICE the well known Australian consumer magazine, announced it was suspending its online electricity and gas comparison and switching service.

The suspension is due to the lack of competition between energy suppliers across all states.  

CHOICE Switch commented: "In most states there is little incentive to switch retailers because discounts will be insufficient until full competition is in place".

Make It Cheaper says: "This is going to come as a real blow to homeowners. With CHOICE Switch, a true consumer advocate, pulling out of the the energy comparison space you have to question whether there is enough awareness of these services.  

"Hopefully this will act as a real wake up to the state and Federal Governments, energy regulators and the ACCC.  The announcement by CHOICE demonstrates that the regulatory regime across most states real isn't working for consumers."

"The problem doesn't entirely go away for business customers.  Regulation must be improved, but there are savings to be made across all major states, especially for medium to large energy users."

With CHOICE Switch now absent from the market, Make It Cheaper advocates that consumers, both homeowners and business, should always shop around and use an independent and impartial comparison service like Make It Cheaper to find a better, cheaper deal for their electricity and gas supply.