Canstar Blue electricity supplier rating fails to hit the mark

Canstar Blue' recently released electricity rating has announced that Country Energy, Integral Energy, TRU Energy, Red Energy and Lumo Energy have the most satisfied customers across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria respectively

The survey provides each of those retailers with a '5 Star' Overall Rating for Most Satisfied customers across those states.

In New South Wales Country Energy have also been awarded '5 Stars' for Customers being most satisfied with their Price, the winners of the Overall Rating in the remaining States were also awarded '5 Stars' for Customers being satisfied with their Price.

Tim Wolfenden, Director at Make It Cheaper comments: "This survey is nowhere near comprehensive.  The State by State snapshot ignores numerous retailers, not least Australian Power and Gas, Simply Energy, Powerdirect, QEnergy, Click Energy, ActewAGL, Neighbourhood Energy and Momentum Energy.

"The survey also fails to properly assess the 'Price' position of these retailer.  In New South Wales for example, the survey suggests that Country Energy customers have a high price satisfaction, but their incumbent customers have seen a 13% electricity price increase in the past two month, the highest across all three incumbent retailer regions in New South Wales.

"When it comes to price, the energy sector is not a one size fits all market place.  A customers energy bill needs to be properly assessed with advice provided on the best supplier for them, based on their town, region, State, usage profile, meter type and tariff classification.

"We support any information that will assist customers to make properly informed, well educated decision in this market place.  Unfortunately the Canstar Blue survey falls well short of the mark."

Summary of the Overall Customers Satisfaction Results are below - for a thorough review of your energy bills, contact Make It Cheaper to make an informed decision.

Overall Customers Satisfaction Results

New South Wales: AGL Energy 4 Stars, Country Energy 5 Stars, Energy Australia 4 Stars, Integral Energy 4 Stare, Origin Energy 3 Stars.

Queensland: AGL Energy 2 Stars, Ergon Energy 4 Stars, Integral Energy 5 Stars, Origin Energy 4 Stars.

South Australia: AGL Energy 3 Stars, Origin Energy 4 Stars, TRU Energy 5 Stars

Victoria: AGL Energy 3 Stars, Lumo Energy 5 Stars, Origin Energy 3 Stars, Red Energy 5 Stars, TRU Energy 4 Stars.