Why Re-regulation Is Not The Solution To Australia’s Electricity Price Hikes

Deregulation promotes greater competition in the market and encourages more retailers to set up shop. This offers consumers the potential to buy cheaper electricity than was previously available under the highly regulated government run systems. If energy prices are re-regulated, retailers will have to offer customers a basic electricity service, at or below a price set by the regulator.

5 Reasons Why Aussie Businesses Are Paying Too Much For Gas & Electricity

With large energy price hikes happening around the country, we’re reminded about how important it is for businesses to get the most competitive rates for their energy. Here are some common reasons why Aussie businesses are paying too much on their energy bills.

5 Tips To Save Your Business From The July 1 Energy Price Rise

The July 1 energy price rise is almost here. Wondering what you can you do to save on your business energy? Read our top tips and start saving today.

2016 Business Conferences You Should Attend

Conferences are a great place for business owners old and new to learn and network. Discover our shortlist of three business coneferences taking place in Australia in 2016 that you should be on the guest list for!

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Free Google Tags trial

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