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Big Sustainable Businesses

There’s no hiding from the fact that sustainability is big news; the world over, both businesses and households are trying to find ways to increase their sustainability. From switching to renewable energy sources, to recycling and trying to decrease their carbon footprint wherever possible! Today we’re putting a spotlight on three of Australia’s biggest businesses who have taken to increase their sustainability. 

Sustainable Businesses


As one of Australia’s largest and most successful businesses, Woolworths understands that their success should not come at the expense of the environment or the societies in which they work. As such, the company created their Sustainability Strategy 2007 – 2015, which outlines the changes and improvements the company aimed to make to decrease any negative effects that their work would have on the environment. The company investigates using renewable energy sources at their sites as well as changing from electricity to natural gas power sources where possible. 

Westpac Banking Corporation 

Ranked the most sustainable company in the world on the Global 100 list in 2014 is Westpac and by having a quick read through their 100 reasons for being on the list, it’s not difficult to see why. Not only are they committed to reducing their own environmental footprint, but they are also committed to helping their customers do the same with more than half of their energy financing going towards renewable energy including hydro power, wind energy and solar. 


With origins dating back to 1914 as a farmer’s cooperative, Wesfarmers – based in Western Australia – is now one of Australia’s largest companies. Not only does Wesfarmers cover a diverse range of business operations but it also takes its corporate social responsibility seriously, with ten principle sustainability values. These principle values stretch from ensuring that the company always provides a safe workplace for employees and making a positive contribution to the communities that they operate in to striving to improve the emissions of their businesses and reducing landfill waste wherever possible.