Australian working week goes into overtime

It's recently been reported that the average number of hours in an Australian's working week has skyrocketed.  More than two million Australians are working a whopping 50 hours a week.  Due to advances in technology, the office has extended itself into people's private time.  The extra hours spent in the office, on mobile phones, blackberries and remotely from home can all too easily add up.

For many small business owners out there it can be even more difficult.  Longer working hours are very much part and parcel of running your own business.  With the added concern of detrimental effects on the small business owner's health any extra assistance is always welcome.

Make It Cheaper hope to take some of the burden off the small business person's shoulders.  We will spend time finding you a better deal on your business electricity as well as manage the switching process for you.  On top of this, through our blog section and Twitter page we aim to provide you with up to date topical advice to assist you in the running of your business.  Let Make It Cheaper be your second pair of hands!