Australian businesses ripped off over high priced text messages

Australians are paying amongst the highest prices in the world for text messaging.  On average the price Australians pay is 10 times higher than that of China, and 25% higher than Great Britain.

Allan Asher, ex-CEO of energywatch the now defunct UK gas and electricity watchdog, Chief Executive of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), a new consumer body established by Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, has labelled Australian telco's as making a "vast profit" and saying that Australian consumers are being "abused".

Make It Cheaper says: "For small businesses, text messaging can be a vital way of staying in touch with their customers.  The difference between paying 25 cents a text compared to 2 cents a text when you're sending 10,000 or more texts a year to your customer base is astonishingly large.

The very real fact is that the cost of a text message to a telco is probably under 0.5 cents a time, making any charge over 1 cents very uncompetitive, and reaping Australian telco's a significant profit.

We fully support the ACCAN in fighting for a fairer deal for the Australian consumer and small business."

The best advice for small businesses using text messages as a way to communicate with their customer base is to shop around for cheaper deals and take advantage of suppliers who are looking to offer fair priced deals - possibly in the form of bundled text message deals.