Australian Businesses Fail at Customer Service

A recent survey by AMEX (American Express Global Customer Service Barometer) has shown that Australian businesses seem to be failing more than the majority of their global counterparts.

71% of Australian consumers say they feel companies haven't increased their focus on service or are paying less attention to it. And only 53% of Australians feel that  customer service has become more important.

That all said Australians only want to spend 8% more for excellent service, higher than UK consumer who are willing to pay 7% more for excellent service but lower than Japanese customers who are willing to pay 10% more.

The survey also highlights that customers expect something in return when things go pear shaped.  Half of consumers (52%) expect something in return after a poor customer service experience, beyond resolving the problem, whilst most consumers (70%) want an apology or some form of reimbursement.

Tim Wolfenden, CEO of comments: "Whilst price is 'King', service always comes a close run second, and it's fascinating to see that Australian consumer are just not happy about the level of service they're receiving.

This does present a real opportunity for the small and medium sized businesses, who may not have the buying power to compete aggressively on price to some of the big boys, but are far more capable of delivering top draw excellent service.

Service can become a real differentiator for every small business!"

Earlier in 2010 Simply Energy, a small energy retailer operating in Victoria and South Australia, demonstrated how service can become a fantastic differentiator by winning the SMILES (Smart Investor League of Exceptional Service) award as the leading utilities service provider, with a 67.2 per cent overall satisfaction rating.