Terms & Conditions: Prezzee Giveaway

To receive your $100 Prezzee Card, you agree to be contacted by one of Make it Cheaper’s commercial energy specialists and commit to completing a letter of authority by the 6th December 2019

The Letter of Authority will:

  1. Provide Make it Cheaper with access to the past 12 months of your energy usage on your nominated accounts.
  2. Speak to our energy partners on your behalf, this will enable us to review the market and present optimum offers for you. Please note- the Letter of Authority does not commit you to any commercial contract with Make it Cheaper.

Offer only available to customers with a commercial energy meter who have not signed a pre-existing Letter of Authority with Make it Cheaper.

Limited to one Prezzee card per customer, card is not transferable for cash.

Cards will be sent to customers by the 20th December 2019