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Our commitment to you

We treat you fairly

When you choose to Make It Cheaper, you'll not only find a competitive deal for your electricity and gas. You'll get guaranteed fair, honest, expert advice.

We're here to help you make more informed choices.

We make things simple

There's no point in a price comparison if it leaves you confused. We understand that and our team strives to give straightforward advice. If you do decide to go with a retailer we've recommended, we'll make sure the paperwork is fuss-free too.

We can be trusted

We're here to help you find a competitive deal. But if we can't, we'll let you know that too. From there, you can either continue with our team, or go direct to a retailer.

We're up front

Like any relationship, honesty is key. That's why we're upfront about how our commissions work.
If you switch to a retailer we've found, we receive a commission from that retailer. These payments vary between retailers, but this doesn't factor into who we list in your comparison. Your recommendations will be compiled on what really is cheaper.

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